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Please click here for more information on how to make a complaint.


Here you will be able to find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for below, you are more than welcome to contact our Back office team for general queries and our Sales team for any queries in relation to terms of business or any other cooperation.

How do I get a valuation statement?

You or your Financial Adviser are able to download the valuation statement on your policy:

1. Go to ‘Statement’.
2. Chose the period for your valuation statement and click on ‘Update Statement’.
3. You can download the valuation statement by clicking on ‘Print PDF’.


Where can I find any document which I may need?

Your Financial Adviser are able to download all of our latest documents at the ’Library-section’. There are two main sections of the library:

• Application forms – here you will find different type of application forms such as private individual, corporate, trustee and to open a CustodianTrader.
• Management – here you will find all type of documents you will need in order to manage your policy such as additional premium form, dealing instruction and transfer of asset form.

Do you believe that the appropriate document is missing for your query? Please contact our Back Office team.

How do I know that my assets and capital are protected?

Custodian Life is registered as a Class C insurer under the Insurance Act 1978 as well as under the Segregated Accounts Companies Act 200. In short, this means that your capital and assets are held on segregated accounts at our banks and custodians, separated from the Company’s assets. For more information, please refer to the document ‘Policyholder Protection’ available to download from the ‘Library Section’.

How do I change my password?

Click on your name in the top right corner, and you will be directed to the change of password section. Here you will have to enter your current password and also enter your new password twice.

If you cannot log in to your account, kindly e-mail our Back office department and they will help you reset your password and/or username.

How do I make a complaint?

Complaints do arise from time to time – and it is of high value for us that we treat your concern professionally and fairly.

If you as a client feel unsatisfied or misunderstood with any question or issue you have raised with Custodian Life and have not received a satisfactory answer, you may file a complaint.

We value your feedback and it is when you share your experience we get to review our processes and get the opportunity to improve the customer service experience for everyone.


How to make a complaint

Please download the complaint form here, and submit the completed form via e-mail to: .

You can also send your complaints to:

Custodian Life Limited
Century House
16 Par-la-Ville Road
Hamilton HM 08


Please note that if your complaint is about advice given, or the way in which a product was sold to you, you should direct the complaint to your financial adviser.


What you can expect from us

We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days from the day we receive it.

We will carry on a full investigation of your case, and inform you in writing of the outcome and decision within 10 working days.

If we have not completed the investigation within 10 working days, we will write to you and provide you with a timeframe of when we aim to give you our response.


Not satisfied with how your complaint was handled?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you may appeal within 14 working days.

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, you can contact the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Mailing address:

D. Rego Building, 3rd Floor
75 Reid Street
Hamilton HM 12
Tel: (441) 297-7700

For more information about the Department of Consumer Affairs, please visit



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